What Else? We believe in Modeling & The Cloud

PlugBee provides open-source¬†tools for generating and deploying web editors for domain-specific languages. The editors come packaged with a plenty of features, ready to be deployed in¬†enterprise’s Private Cloud or the World Wide Web.

  • Edit your resources from anywhere using the browser and an internet connection
  • Let users from different places collaborate on the same resources simulaneously
  • Launch automated tool chains on server (transformations, build, execution)
Eclipse is a community for individuals and organizations who wish to collaborate on commercially-friendly open source software. Its projects are focused on building an open development platform comprised of extensible frameworks, tools and runtimes for building, deploying and managing software across the lifecycle. The Eclipse Foundation is a not-for-profit, member supported corporation that hosts the Eclipse projects and helps cultivate both an open source community and an ecosystem of complementary products and services.
Eclipse Modeling is an integrated assortment of extensible tools and frameworks for solving everyday problems. At its core lies the Eclipse Modeling Framework, a rich abstraction for describing, composing, and manipulating structured information. Around this core, onion-like technology layers provide powerful facilities to address most everything you need.
  • To produce high-quality results quickly.
  • To reuse tried, tested, and true solutions effectively.
  • To specify complex structured information concisely.
  • To design rich textual and graphical notations easily.
  • To implement powerful runtime solutions efficiently.
  • To exploit industrial standards interoperably.
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Get a full-fledged text editor for your own language!

Leverage the power of Xtext and EMF on the server side, or get only a standalone front-end HTML5/JavaScript client!
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