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Welcome To PlugBee

Plugbee offers a deep expertise in building language applications, desktop and web-based IDEs, tailored to diverse domains. Recognized since 2016 as a ‘Young Innovative Company’ by the French Government for its commitment to advancing MDSE and DSL research, Plugbee’s extensive portfolio highlights successful collaborations with industry giants like Total, SNCF, Nokia, and Thales.

Notable projects include:

  • Crafting a Web IDE for building data science & analytics solutions that harness blockchain data (Nuant)
  • Industrialization of a ML pipeline for blockchain transaction monitoring and KYT compliance (Nuant)
  • Prototyping a DSL editor for the specification and optimization of oil & gas well placement (Total)
  • Industrialization of a well placement optimization plugin for SISMAGE reservoir simulator (Total)
  • Industrialization of a web application for the management of train placements in stations (SNCF)
  • Animation of online training sessions on language engineering using Xtext and ANTLR (Nokia)
  • Integration of a textual DSL editor into a Spring Boot / React web application (Coding Park)
  • Development of a software tool for the specification of model co-evolutions (Thales)
  • Development of on-premise plugins based on Eclipse modeling frameworks (Thales, ObjectSecurity)

Since 2014, PlugBee edits and maintains DSL Forge, an open-source technology for designing and deploying domain-specific language editors on web applications.

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