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Welcome To PlugBee

PlugBee SARL is a software company registered and located in Paris. The activity of the company is focused on the market of software tools for engineers and scientists. As such, PlugBee provides advanced analysis, enhancement and transformation of complex software systems for companies and organizatons operating in high technology industries including Oil&Gas, Automotive, Cyber security, and Aerospace.

PlugBee’s solutions include tools, plugins, and services for Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE), and Educational Technology (EdTech).

In 2016, PlugBee has been awarded “Young Innovative Company” status by the French Government for its high level commitment and support for R&D.

Since 2014, PlugBee edits and maintains DSL Forge, an open-source technology for designing and deploying domain-specific language editors on web applications.

We offer our experise in declarative tools for building platforms that enable the rapid delivery of business applications with a minimum of hand-coding and minimal upfront investment.

They Work With Us

Meet The Founder

Amine Lajmi
Amine LajmiGeneral Manager
Dr. Amine Lajmi is a computer scientist and passionate software engineer. He provides consultancy and training services in software architectures, domain-specific language engineering, and model-driven engineering. Amine combines a wide range of technical credentials with more than 10 years of broad experience in high tech industries. He speaks regularly in conferences and contributes to several open-source projects at the Eclipse Foundation.