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Welcome To PlugBee

Plugbee provides high-level expertise in building declarative no-code tools that enable the rapid delivery of business applications, with a minimal upfront investment.

In 2016, Plugbee has been awarded “Young Innovative Company” status by the French Government for its commitment and support for R&D in the area of Model-Driven Software Development (MDSD).

Since 2014, PlugBee edits and maintains DSL Forge, an open-source technology for designing and deploying domain-specific language editors on web applications.

They Work With Us

Meet The Founder

Amine Lajmi
Amine LajmiGeneral Manager
Dr. Amine Lajmi is a computer scientist and passionate software engineer. He provides consultancy and training services in software architectures, domain-specific language engineering, and model-driven engineering. Amine combines a wide range of technical credentials with more than 15 years of broad experience in high tech industries. He speaks regularly in conferences and contributes to several open-source projects at the Eclipse Foundation.