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When working with us, it is critical to understand that how to get a result is as important as the result itself. It is about what’s right for our technology and requirements, and not about the theoretically best answer. Being able to adapt and to change, based on lessons learned along the way, is essential.

We take pride in trying to getting things right the first time, even when we know that there might be follow-up iterations based on new insights and requirements. So, if you are ready to bring your expertise, passion and persistence into the best possible solution, get in touch and share your skills with our tech experts.

Below the typical technical skills we’re looking for.

  • Frameworks: Spring Boot, Node.js, Angular and/or React, Bootstrap UI

  • Databases: PostgreSQL, MangoDB, Neo4j

  • Eclipse technologies: EMF, Xtext, GMF, Graphiti, RCP/RAP
  • Language engineering: ANTLR parsers and lexers, interpreters, compilers

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What We’re Looking For

Passion 90
Integrity 95
Flexibility 85
Trustworthy 90