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Bring your modeling and simulation tools to the Web

Introducing DSL Forge, the open-source generator of Language Applications and Web IDEs

Why You Should Care About It?

DSL Forge supports state-of-the-art Eclipse technologies, allowing a smooth and secure transition of legacy desktop modeling tools to the web. We help you bring collaboration to the heart of your business processes with a minimal upfront investment in setup, training, and deployment.

  • Allow high availability Let users access modeling resources and tools using regular web browsers regardless of their location or what device they use.
  • Simplify deployment Unlike traditional tools where installation is needed on each machine, the platform is delpoyed once and made available to end-users instantly.
  • Enable collaboration lets users share the same resources, enable real-time collaboration and automated workflows on resources.
  • Increase productivity productivity is increased when users work on the same resources simultaneously, rather than working individually then synchronizing afterwards.

  • Increase performance users take advantage of the scalability and elasticity of cloud computing thanks to the dynamic provisionning of workspaces.
  • Extract knowledge consolidate logging information; provide synthetic reports and dashboards to decision makers, extract metrics from data and react accordingly.
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