Model Synchronization

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Project Description

In systems and software engineering, focus is attached to architectural design activities, so as to reduce efforts and risks before system development. Engineering processes and techniques have evolved to meet these new requirements. Indeed, working at the system architecture levels requires a close collaboration between domain experts, with different languages ​​and practices, and therefore, there is a critical need to synchronize architecture views automatically. The Co-Evolution open-source technology provides a solution to these problems by supporting the parallel evolution of models while guaranteeing their integrity. However, the technology is materialized only as a low-level function library (API) and is very complex to implement. An untrained user is not able to implement incremental bridges easily.

The objective of the project is to implement a modeling environment for the synchronization of models, offering both the possibility to model the synchonization itself, but also to execute it. The proposal of a modeling environment dedicated to incremental model synchronization has the advantage on the one hand of hiding the complexity of implementing coevolution bridges based on the low level API, and on the other hand of being able to carry out analysis and validation tasks upstream, during the design phase.