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Project Description

In the Oil & Gas industry, the use of simulation plays a vital part in developing integrated chemical processes. By helping save time and money before the actual process implementation, this practice can assist with troubleshooting, design, control, and more. Process modeling and simulation typically involves using dedicated software to define a process as interconnected components, which are then solved as a system of equations so that the behaviour of the process can be predicted. The components and connections are represented as a process flow diagram or flowsheet. Simulations can be as simple as the mixing of two material flows in a tank, or as complex as a complete refinery process.

PlugBee has developed an online process modeler that allows to represent chemical processes using drag-and-drop composition. The components, defined with Modelica language, are imported into the model library and made available immediately to end-users. Process engineers can edit and share component models, and run steady-state simulations using only the browser. Moreover, they can export the components to third party process simulators which are CAPE-OPEN compliant.