Software Product Lines


One of the major technical innovations in Software Product Lines is the use of features to distinguish members of product lines. Feature models define the characteristics and the usability constraints in families of products. Current methods organize these characteristics in a tree, or a feature diagram, which is used to declaratively specify the members of [...]

Model Synchronization


In systems and software engineering, focus is attached to architectural design activities, so as to reduce efforts and risks before system development. Engineering processes and techniques have evolved to meet these new requirements. Indeed, working at the system architecture levels requires a close collaboration between domain experts, with different languages ​​and practices, and therefore, there is a [...]

Process Modeling & Simulation


In the Oil & Gas industry, the use of simulation plays a vital part in developing integrated chemical processes. By helping save time and money before the actual process implementation, this practice can assist with troubleshooting, design, control, and more. Process modeling and simulation typically involves using dedicated software to define a process as interconnected components, [...]