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Project Description

One of the major technical innovations in Software Product Lines is the use of features to distinguish members of product lines. Feature models define the characteristics and the usability constraints in families of products. Current methods organize these characteristics in a tree, or a feature diagram, which is used to declaratively specify the members of a product line. The combination of feature models with formal verification tools, such as satisfiability solvers, helps monitor and verify the performance of feature models, for example by identifying compatible or mutually exclusive feature sets.

Today, even with all the progress made in these areas, the available tools to manipulate feature models often seem ad-hoc; they typically have limitations in terms of performance and functionality, and offer little support for debugging feature models. The main contribution of this project is to build a tool to model and validate  feature models based on Eclipse Modeling Framework (EMF), thus opening the field to all the modeling and transformation applications based on Eclipse.