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In the area of system engineering, working at the architecture level requires close cross-discipline collaboration with different languages and practices. System architecture description involves domain experts with their own concerns and rationale. The organization of architecture descriptions into views using viewpoints provides a mechanism for the separation of concerns among the stakeholders, while still providing the view of the entire system that is fundamental to the notion of architecture. However, the development of new viewpoints requires accurate low level knowledge which goes beyond the know-how of system engineers.

A dedicated Domain-Specific Language (DSL) for viewpoint design was proposed in order to minimize the complexity of developing and packaging new views. It relies on a set of meta models, each of which is adapted to a specific concern. The contribution of PlugBee in this project was to design a scalable language grammar, and implement a set of core features such as textual editors support, advanced IDE integration, model synchronizers and export facilities, and model validators.

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